Why You Should Try Programmatic Media Buying From Liftoff

Ads For Mobile

Ads For Mobile

One of the more unique ways of advertising for companies today is called programmatic media buying. This is a type of advertising that has altered the way that people are marketing their products and services. This is something that can be done both online, and with mobile phones, and there have been dramatic improvements as of late. Let’s look at what Liftoff has done with this type of media buying and how this can benefit your business.

How Advertising Used To Be

To understand how this type of media buying can be beneficial for your business, you must first understand how purchasing and managing media for the purpose of advertising used to be. There are both positive and negative aspects of the old and new ways of advertising. For example, there used to be exchanges that were used, but the ads that were used were marked up because the exchange needed to make a profit. However, with this new type of advertising with media buying, you are going to get the best deals and new so in a very organized and programmed manner.

Overview Of Programmatic Media Buying

This is based upon what is called real-time bidding. This bypasses the need to have advertising relationships. Instead, advertising is placed in an auction style setting where people can bid on the advertisements in real time. Instead of someone doing this, a computer algorithm is in charge of this process. This will allow it to purchase the advertisements for the exact amount that they want to spend, and they will be placed at specific times, based upon what is specified in advance. It is much more effective than trying to do this on your own, or even working with a broker that can lead to human error.

It’s Cheaper And More Effective

The reason that this is more effective is that it is combined with what is called real-time bidding. If you are working with customers that have a specific amount that they want to spend, it is this combination of purchasing in real time with these algorithms which allows them to get the best deals. This is the same for businesses that are doing this on their own. You are simply going to save money on your advertising. This allows people that are even smaller businesses to get better results.

Create Hundreds Of High-Performing Personalized Ads Automatically

By introducing dynamic ads that this company can produce for you, you can provide not only a better user experience for potential buyers, but you can use a mobile app that can help you design ad creatives. Liftoff can automate this entire process, programming and personalizing hundreds of ads in real time that are simply going to help you achieve the best possible results.

If you would like to work with Liftoff in order to have them use programmatic media buying to help you build your business, they will be able to do this for you to help you save money and get better results with every campaign that you do. You can contact them today to learn more about the different ways that they can help you generate more sales this year.