Get An Encroachment Permit Bond From Bond Express

Permit Bond

Permit Bond

If you would like to get an encroachment permit bond in the state of Kentucky, there are many ways that you can accomplish this. In this state, you are required to have a Kentucky encroachment permit bond from the Transportation Cabinet of the Department of highways. These are necessary for the purpose of allowing people to legally start digging or excavating on city streets before driveways. Without them, it is not possible for them to not only dig, but to do utility installations which may be part of the job that needs to be completed. You must also apply for this particular type of bond if you are doing anything industrial or commercial in nature that will involve working on a road. Here are the reasons why you should consider getting a Kentucky encroachment permit bond from Bonds Express, one of the leaders in this industry.

Fast Service

One of the reasons that you should get a surety bond from Bonds Express is that they are extremely fast, even when it comes to giving you a quote on how much the bond is going to cost. You need to have this bond as it will tell your Obligee that you are trustworthy as the Principal, and that what you say you are going to do you will definitely complete. The speed at which they are able to issue these bonds is quite fast. They are able to give you a price quote within an hour. You simply need to fill out the application, provide any additional information that may be necessary for its approval, and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

What Problems Could You Run Into?

There are several problems that you may run into such as having credit issues. This is a common problem that many contractors or businesses have. You may have run into problems before, perhaps from businesses that you did not complete a job with, causing a blemish on your credit score. This does not mean that you will not be able to get this surety bond. It may just take a little bit more time. There is actually no application fee, so it pays to contact Bonds Express if you do need to have one of these encroachment permit bonds are always going to be free.

How Many Quotes Will You Get Back?

You will have multiple quotes at the top of the information that they will send back. The lowest bond price will be calculated based upon the information that is received. These are very similar to loans and that there must be a company that is willing to provide you with this bond, and just like loans, there is always the possibility that you can be denied. These factors may include the financial strength of the company that you own. You may actually have liens or judgments that are looming over your ability to get not only financing, but qualify for surety bonds. There is also the amount of the bond that will come into play in regard to whether or not they are willing to provide you with a bond of that amount.

All you have to do is go to their website and fill out their application online. It is quick and easy, requiring very little of your time. As long as you follow the instructions, providing all of the information that will be necessary, you should have no problem at all hearing back from them within the hour. If you do, and they need additional information, you can quickly provide that and will likely hear back the following day. As long as you have good credit, and an absence of liens against your business, you should have an encroachment permit bond waiting for you the following day.