Natural Treatments For Foot Neuroma

Your feet have to carry the weight of your entire body and when something goes wrong with them, you really feel it. Foot neuroma is especially painful and it feels like something is stuck in your foot that you just can’t get out. The pain can continue to get worse and it can eventually become to difficult to put any weight on your affected foot.

If you can’t walk, you can’t function and you can’t get things done. Neuroma is going to get worse and worse and while the pain starts off mild, it will get worse until you can’t walk. If you think you have neuroma it is very important to get it treated right away before you get to the point where you can’t walk.

Morton’s neuroma is caused by a nerve in your foot becoming irritated and inflamed. This irritation can happen for many reasons. The irritation is often because you are wearing tight shoes or high heels. High heels put a different sort of pressure on your foot that can irritate the nerve. Tight shoes will also irritate the nerve.

Some types of repetitive movement can also irritate the nerve. If you run or do other exercises that put pressure on your feet, you could end up with neuroma. As soon as you feel the first hint of foot pain you should switch to shoes that are more comfortable and that have a wider foot bed. Other causes are noted on Together Forever Changing Health for you review.

If your neuroma continues to get worse you will experience more and more pain. It will start to get hard to walk and eventually it will become painful to put any pressure on the foot at all. This means you are going to have a hard time getting around and you will need treatment for sure.

You don’t want to take pain medication for your neuroma because pain medication can cause serious side effects. You could end up with long term stomach pain and stomach upset. Pain medication can also cause liver problems. Surgery is often an option for foot neuroma but surgery is painful and you have to endure a long recovery time. Surgery isn’t always the best option.

Another option you might want to consider is stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy works and it is going to naturally cure your neuroma without you having to go through surgery or take more drugs. With stem cell treatments, you take your own stem cells and inject them into your foot.

The stem cells actually heal and repair your foot neuroma and they rebuild the nerve and the tissue around the nerve so you feel like new again. The pain is going to go away and you won’t have to worry about side effects because stem cell treatments are safe and natural.

If you want a real way to get rid of the pain of foot neuroma, then consider stem cell treatments. They really work and they can get rid of your neuroma for good quickly.