Shopping Around For Quality AEDs For Sale

Using AED For CPR

If you are going to be in the market for an AED, it is always going to be important that you are able to shop around to find all of the features that you need. Knowing which AED will be right for your home or business will allow you to have everything that you need in one reliable package. The more that you know about AEDs and how they work, who can use them, the laws and regulations in your state, the cost to own one and all of the benefits, the easier it will be for you to make your buying decision.

Cost Of Ownership

Any upfront costs of an AED will be important, but you will also need to take other factors into consideration but going to to see one of the only retailers can save on this. You need to understand the cost of the battery and pads, knowing that you will often have to purchase both. It is also best that you understand how many years the particular AED should last, any warranty that is available and the length of the warranty.


An AED analyzes the cardiac rhythm and will tell you whether to shock or not. While shopping for an AED, you need to find out if it will walk you through CPR, if it will be quick to go through the analysis process, and will it give you feedback as to the quality of the CPR that you are administering. If you are a person who can perform ACLS, you will want to think about looking at an AED that will have the ability to give you live monitoring.

Ease Of Use

You always want to find an AED that is capable of an extremely high level of care, while also being easy to use. This is why you should be looking for one that is going to be great for your school, home or business that will be usable by anyone around you should someone else need it. The instructions should always be clear and precise so that anyone can use it, even without prior training.

Level Of Support

Before spending money on an AED, you need to find out what is available in terms of a service plan. Will the manufacturer or the reseller be able to take care of the AED after it is in place at your location? Will you be charged for any services calls? What exactly is going to be covered under your warranty?

Finally, you need to be sure that you are able to register your AED and know all of the laws within your state. The registration is generally rather quick and easy, so once you have purchased your AED and registered it, you can simply put it up in a visible location for anyone to easily get to it when it needs to be used. By shopping around and becoming educated on the use of an AED, you will see that you will have added peace of mind and a high quality piece of equipment on site whenever you or anyone else needs to use it in a medical emergency.