The Many Powers of Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Seed

Eucalyptus oil is distilled oil that comes from the oval-shaped leaves of the Eucalyptus plant. This plant is native to Australia, but is cultivated around the world. The oil comes from selected eucalyptus leaves, which are steam-distilled to extract the eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus oil has been around for centuries. It has been used to treat minor aches and pains, but its uses go far beyond the minor. Below, we will look at ten of the most common uses of eucalyptus oil.

1. Wounds

Eucalyptus oil has antiseptic properties due to its germicidal quality. It can be used in its oil form, or make into a salve to treat burns, sores, abrasions, and insect bites, to name a few of its uses.

2. Mental Exhaustion

Eucalyptus oil can cause a refreshing, cooling effect. This is rejuvenating and is also a reliever of stress.

3. Joint and Muscle Pain

Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Massaged into the surface of the skin, it can help to relieve the stress and pain in muscles and joints.

4. Respiratory Problems

Eucalyptus oil is effective in combating colds, asthma, sinusitis and other respiratory problems. It is an ingredient in many medicines, and can also be used as a gargle for sore throats when mixed with warm water.

5. Soaps

Eucalyptus oil is a common ingredient in many soaps, detergents, and can even be used as a deodorant, due to its nice smell. It can be used in these products because of its antibacterial, antimicrobial and antibacterial agents.

6. Mouthwash

Since eucalyptus oil is anti-bacterial and has anti-microbial qualities, it is often found in mouthwashes, where it helps to protect against germs that can cause mouth odors.

7. Dental Care

As in mouthwash, eucalyptus oil has been found to be quite effective in helping to prevent plaque, cavities and dental infections. This is why it is common to find it in toothpastes and other dental hygiene needs.

8. Lice

Eucalyptus oil is a natural bug repellent, and is often used as a remedy for head lice. The harsh, damaging chemicals in common lice shampoos are hard on the head and hair. Eucalyptus oil is less damaging and more soothing, and works well.

9. Skin Problems

Eucalyptus oil is a good, natural remedy for rough, dry skin and skin infections. Massaged into the skin, it helps to relieve the discomforts of infection and dry,itchy skin.

10. Diabetes

When taken by mouth, eucalyptus oil can even help to control the blood sugar. Being a vasodilator, it benefits the whole body, because it increases blood circulation. This means that it is a good idea to massage the oil into the skin of diabetics, especially the feet, to help with numbness and prickling. It can also be used as a vapor when inhaled to help lessen constriction of the blood vessels.

As you can see, eucalyptus oil has many wonderful uses such as aromatherapy which you can read about on, and can benefit the whole body in many ways when used properly. As with all new products or medicines, always check with your doctor before trying these methods. He will be able to advise you on its use.