What You Need Too Know About Skunk Removal



Do you consider skunks around your house to be a curse or a blessing? Many people would never consider a skunk a blessing, yet they do have some benefits. They are a carnivorous species which means they will eat a wide variety of mice, rats, and other small animals. However, they can also be a danger to your household pests, rummage through trash, and can let off one large stink bomb. With that in mind, most people consider skunk removal as their primary way of getting rid of a local skunk population. We are going to show you a few ways you might be able to make your life a little more livable until you are able to find a service.

Let There Be Light

One of the easiest ways to remove a skunk population from around your home is to add a significant amount of lighting. If there is one thing that skunks hate the most, it is an abundance of lights. Skunks prefer to sneak around and forage in the shadows away from the watchful eyes of predators. It also allows them to catch prey easier. By placing landscaping lights and motion detector lights around the perimeter of your house you will be able to cut down the chances that a skunk is going to visit and set up shop in your backyard. Next, it is time to take steps to ensure that they know they are not welcome in the yard.

Take Down The Welcome Sign

If a skunk finds your yard appealing it is going to make it his home. The key is to make sure that the skunks knows that it is not welcome. This entails taking out everything that might be conceived as a welcome mat for the skunk. Remove all trash, pet food bowls, and any overripe fruit or vegetables. Once the home is not a hospitable environment, it will keep moving until it finds an area better suited. Another easy way to keep skunks out of your yard is by water.

The Power Of A Good Shower

While people may love a good shower, the same cannot be said for skunks. A skunk prefers a nice dry night as opposed to getting hit with water. If you suspect that your yard is being infiltrated by a barrage of skunks set up a sprinkler system to hit any areas that a skunk may seek shelter in. That cold water in the night air will keep the skunks on the run.

As you can see there are multiple ways to keeps skunks out of your property. However, skunks can be persistent creates and even these tactics will not work. When you find yourself in that type of situation is it time to call in
Swat Wildlife, true skunk removal professionals. They will remove any skunks of the premises, so you no longer have to deal with the dangers and inconveniences that these rodents tend to cause once they have begun to call your home their own.