Choosing Birthday Party Places For Older Children

Birthday Decorations

If you have a young child, it can be a challenge to find a good place to hold their birthday party. If you don’t want to use your own home, then you’ll need to find a place you can reserve. It makes complete sense to hold your child’s birthday party outside your own home. You don’t have to worry about setting up and you can just pick up and leave when the party is finished and someone else will clean up. There are a variety of places which offer birthday party packages or you can reserve a place and put together your own party favors, food, and decorations.

If your party is during warmer weather, the zoo can be a great place. Almost every child loves the animals at the zoo and a background of yowls, growls, and whinnies can be a lot of fun. Many zoos offer birthday packages or have public picnic spaces where you can hold a party. You can either take your own birthday food or use food from the various park’s food kiosks or their restaurants.

Another great party idea is to go apple picking. Many farms offer birthday packages which include bags for carrying the apples, a picnic, and even a wagon to carry the kids back and forth to the orchards.

Reserving a place that offers crafts or pottery can be a lot of fun for older children. They can paint or make their own item and then take it home. This is great for keeping active children busy.

Another unique idea is to schedule a tour with a local fire department. For a nominal donation, many fire departments will provide a tour and even let you feed the kids at their station. The children will get a kick out of sitting in the fire trucks and maybe even sliding down the pole.

If you have a community center or a gym, these can be a great place to hold a party. Reserve some time and then ask the staff to help with games and equipment. Depending on the activities offered, kids can play basketball, swim or even rock climb.

Speaking of athletic birthday parties, ice skating parties are also a fun time. If there is an indoor rink nearby, it doesn’t matter when you hold the party. Most skating rinks will offer a package for birthdays that will include skates and rink time. Some rinks offer food or you can bring your own.

For active birthday children, a party in the botanical gardens or a nature center may be perfect. Ask about tours, nature walks, and one-on-one time with nature preserve animals.

If your party will be held during cold weather, consider taking everyone to the movies. Almost every theater offers some type of birthday package and if you schedule your party during a weekday, you could get a significant discount. Ask if the package includes food and drinks because these can be pricey if you have to purchase them separately.

There are plenty of birthday party places available and is a good resource for this. Choose the one that your child will enjoy and everyone will have a great time.