Event Venues Toronto Selection Tips

Organizing a huge event involves numerous moving pieces, but the choice of the venue can help with putting all the pieces into place. Here are some event venues Toronto selection tips from the experts.

The Cost

Obviously, this is one of the primary factors. What’s the budget for the event? A low one may limit the options, but there are ways to make any kind of event work. A house concert, for instance, or an organization picnic in a public park. For larger events, such as weddings and trade conferences, hotels offer excellent packages, services and amenities that are certainly worth the price.

When thinking about the budget, you should bear in mind that most venues need hosts to purchase insurance in case anything goes wrong.

Location, Accessibility and Parking

If the venue isn’t properly accessible, it will hamper the festivities and add stress to the coordinators and the guests. If people are coming from all over, it is wise to have convenient, and preferably free parking close by. There are ways around this, depending on the location and price range. Options include public transportation, carpooling, shuttles, uber, valet parking, etc. If parking is going to be an issue, you should evaluate which one of these will work out.

In some cases, like in weddings, campus parties and conferences, most of the guests will already be staying in the same place. Usually, it is easier to hold the gathering there. Inquire with the college or hotel to see the available options.

Size, Layout and Capacity

These are also important aspects to think about. The event venues Toronto fire codes and similar safety considerations determine how many individuals can attend, so ensure you plan accordingly. Although the capacity allows for the number of people expected, ascertain that it is not cramped. Are there spots to sit and talk? Is there enough room to dance? Ideally, consider bathroom changing tables, wheelchair accessibility and other accommodations, depending on who will be attending.


Just as important as the location and space is the vibe. You can bring your own decor, but it calls for more work if the starting point is far off the mark.

Food, Drinks and Other Amenities

More often than not, the venue will have a kitchen that you can avail. Most will provide catering or have deals with certain vendors. Sometimes, however, the venues require you to arrange vendors or caterers yourself. It is therefore important to know what each vendor needs, power outlets for example, and check whether these things are available.

Visual and audio hookups are ideally important. Will there be music? If so, preparation is important. Running video and sound is a task best left to the experts and so, it is important that you workout prior to the event whether the venue provides staff for these tasks. Ideally, check whether they provide other staff for things like clean up and wait-service.

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