Maintenance Tips For Compound Crossbows

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If you have compound crossbows then you need to know how to maintain them as you could face major problems if you do not. By properly caring for your crossbow you will be able to keep one for many years instead of having to replace it regularly.

Inspect Compound Crossbows

It is recommended that you regularly inspect your crossbow for any signs of damage or wear. If you hear something strange or feel unusual vibrations when shooting you need to stop using the crossbow and check it. If you cannot pinpoint anything that could be causing the sound or vibrations then you need to take your bow for a service as it could be a cracked limb.

It is not only the body of the crossbow that you need to look at, but the cables and bowstring as well. If these are worn or ragged then you need to replace them. Most manufacturers recommend that you replace the bowstrings and cables every 12 or 18 months or every 2500 shots depending on which comes first.

Never Dry Fire Your Bow

While it may be tempting to dry fire compound crossbows this is something that you should actually avoid doing if at all possible. While you may dry fire by accident, if you do then you need to thoroughly check the arrow and bow before you try again. If the nock is cracked or the arrow slightly bent you will need to replace them.

Do Not Draw Beyond The Designed Length

You should never draw your bow past the draw length setting that it was designed with. This will cause the cable on the side of the came to stress and it will break in time. If your cable has a dent up to 6 inches from the cam you will have a problem. It is important to note that some small dents are completely normal.

Apply Soft Bowstring Wax

On a regular basis, you should apply a light coat of bowstring wax to the string and the cables. During peak use times this should be done weekly. It is important that the wax you use is a high-quality wax. You should also never us hard wax on the strings and you should not rub the wax to heat it up and soften it. Doing this will cause enough heat in the wax to stretch the cable or string.

Practice With Broadheads Before Hunting

Before you go out hunting you need to practice with your broadheads. While these arrows will react differently to field point at high speeds they will help you assess your crossbows state. If the first one you fire does not fly or group well you should try another. If the problem continues you should take your bow to a professional to have it look at along with some of your arrows.

There are many steps that you can take to maintain your compound crossbow with others tips found on as well. As these are mechanical items they are subject to wear and tear, it is important that you know what to look for and when to take them to a professional.